The Purex® system can be used in a variety of industries and has multiple applications.

Purex® was installed at five key locations across a UK port along with a bespoke vehicle mounted system to provide a chemical free cleaning solutions for all interior and exterior horizontal and vertical water washable surfaces.

Purex® has been trialled many times on public transport. One example was on a hanging grab handle in a train - the ATP level was reduced from 463 to 32!

Purex® has been installed at the headquarters of a large accountancy firm based in London. This location includes around 46,000m2 of office space incorporating a variety of floor and wall surfaces on which the Purex® water is used as an environmentally friendly, chemical free cleaning solution.

Whilst Purex® is truly established in use on hard surfaces, trials have also been conducted on carpets and soft furnishings with outstanding results achieved.
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