Purex® is a chemical free cleaning solution for all daily cleaning tasks on water washable surfaces.  Purex® doesn’t alter existing cleaning processes as it is dispensed in various forms including hand sprayers, mopping systems and scrubber driers. It excels in cleaning and the reduction of dirt and contaminants, creating a cleaner workplace.  Purex® is residue free.

Tap water is passed through seven stages of unique micro-filtration to remove the following elements: chlorine, natural minerals and grit and other inorganic compounds such as calcium.

The final stages of filtration create the Purex® product. The composition of the Purex® is instable and when passed over surfaces, and therefore it absorbs dirt and contamination to gain stability.

The result is a streak free surface with increased cleanliness levels. The performance of Purex® can be monitored by Adenosine Tri-Phosphate (ATP) testing.
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