Case Study: Bombardier Trains

"I have been very impressed with the results from the Purex® system in the trails we have completed. It has worked particularly well in high footfall, customer focused areas. The system is easy to use, cost effective and sustainable."

"We have trialled the Purex® system in a variety of different environments including Retail, Transport and Industrial cleaning sites. The system has faced some rigorous testing from the external cleaning of high speed trains, shopping centre floors and museum exhibit areas"

"As the cleaning industry moves more towards a chemical free solution I can only see this type product becoming more prevalent. The Purex® system is ahead of the game in the aspect as many other providers we have trialled have not been as efficient or cost effective."

"I find Purex® to be very advantageous for my contract, we use it on many surfaces including laminate, Perspex and steel.  Since we started to use it, we have noticed a drop in the costs spent on cleaning chemicals.  In our work environment, a lot of dust is generated by high speed trains passing through stations.  The metal panels used to get dusty very quickly, due to the previous cleaning products being oil based.  With Purex®, that doesn’t happen so the frequency of cleaning has decreased as well - good stuff!"
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